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The Author

auJennifer Blyth, author of the easy-to-read book “Sammie Street Adventures – Stormy Saturday” has tried her writing hand with her debut novel “Escaped the Night.” Blyth manages to take her readers on an adventure with the turn of the page.

Blyth currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her daughter and urban zoo. She is an animal lover with her dogs, cats, fish and even pet frogs. This lady keeps herself busy. She reads, writes, and makes sure to use her imagination any chance she gets.

Blyth is a huge fan of the arts and is an avid music lover. She has just about every genre on her playlist. She is always listening to her music while writing, editing, and even brainstorming. Perhaps one day she’ll disclose some of her favorite tunes to us. She also loves the paranormal world. If there are books, movies, TV shows, there’s a pretty good chance she’s enjoying it, just as you are.